Becoming a Member

Becoming an AET Member

AET members are currently charged $10.00 per year. Students are free.

To become a member of the AET, please login to and click on "Join NAEA Interest Groups".

After you pay your membership dues, you can sign up on the AET Community Network. Once your payment of your membership dues is verified by our staff, your account will be activated and you can begin using it right away.

AET Member Benefits:

  1. Provide ideas for and shape the direction of AET in the areas of art education and technology.
  2. Participate in the AET annual forum to present topics and projects that relate to the goals of AET.
  3. Have the opportunity to receive an annual AET Award(s) in the areas of (a) research, (b) teaching, and (c) community service. Receiving any one of these awards acknowledges your contribution to the fields of art education and technology.
  4. Participate in all AET events and have the opportunity to become an AET officer.
  5. Be invited to write for the AET column in the NAEA newsletters to share your ideas with an international community.
  6. Have the opportunity to network with other tech-savvy art education professionals with whom you share similar goals.

AET Community Network (Online):

  1. Create a professional profile to add to our public List of Current AET Members.
  2. Network with other tech-savvy art educators as part of our online community.
  3. Create and join discussion- or interest-based Groups with other AET members.
  4. Create, join, and share Events with other AET members.
  5. Search for, watch, upload, and share Videos with other AET members.
  6. Search for, observe, upload, and share Photos with other AET members.